Championship Show
14th October 2017


What a pleasure to judge bitches at this show. My gratitude to Scott and Joan McIntyre and the officers and committee for this lovely invitation. Many thanks to my very efficient stewards, John Robinson and George Chirray who helped the proceedings go ahead without a hitch.

Thanks to all the exhibitors who entered and took my decisions with sporting enthusiasm.

The Quality of the bitch entry was excellent and with the agreement of my co-judge Jan Underdown Best In Show went to Burrows’ Tiganlea Tinkerbell At RevdVicki. This bitch is a mirror image of the standard and construction is reflected in her performance on the move. Congratulations to her breeders. Res. Best In Show was Hodges’ Jopium Love heart JW ShCM another bitch which excels in showmanship and overall balance. Best Puppy In Show went to Walker and Ritchie’s very glamorous  Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga, in super condition and presentation.

Two lovely puppy classes
Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch 5-0

1st Hawkins’ Brilyn Molly Coddles six month old bright golden sable and white. Gorgeous make and shape, good reach of neck, balanced head with nice dark eye giving sweet expression. Moved out well and beautifully presented, very attentive to handler and should have a bright future.

2nd Walkers’ Beldones Baby Think Twice At Starlenga. Six months old clear blue merle, another lovely minor puppy. Lovely shape and outline, sweet head and expression, good eye placement, neat ears, good neck, correct angulation and balance. Moved well and presented immaculately.

3rd Mitchells’ Scottlyme Qkissagram For Avonfair (Imp Bel) NAF TAF.

Res. Davis’ Rosschell Tia Of Illusion

VHC Lockyer’s Harvest Moon Della Buca Delle Fate At Gataj

Class 12 Puppy Bitch 8-3

1st Walker and Ritchie’s Chantique Cinderella At Starlenga. Very finished eleven month old sable and white carrying a profuse well presented coat. Correct head pattern, sweet eye giving lovely expression. Ears well used, excellent conformation and construction and moved soundly. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy In Show in agreement with my co-judge.

2nd Croziers’ Lasheen Trully Scrumptious. Nine month old sable and white who was unlucky to meet the very precocious Cinderella. Her head is balanced with a clean stop, correct eye shape and ears bang on top which she used continuously giving a lovely expression. Nice neck, level topline, good bone, neat feet, correct tail set, moved and showed well.

3rd Johnston’s Riverside Song Milky Way (Imp Rom) TAF

Res Davis’ Monsolana Have A Dream Rosschell (Imp Rus)

VHC Congdon’s Aaronwell Astral Dancer


Class 13 Junior Bitch 7-4

1st Brooker’s Gerian Sun Kisses Over Corisian. Seventeen month old shaded sable and white. Feminine sweet headed bitch of correct proportions. Dark eye giving desired expression, used ears well. Lovely reach of neck, correct body shape and tail set. Moved soundly. A born show girl and I believe this class gives her a Junior Warrant.

2nd Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin. Bigger type than 1, fourteen month old sable and white. Loved her overall shape and balance, sweet expression, neat ears, nice eye and sound on the move fore and aft. Maturing well.

3rd Hobkirk’s Chantique Love’n Kisses


Class 14 Maiden Bitch 7-2

1st Croziers’ Lasheen Trully Scrumptious

2nd Hawkins’ Brilyn Molly Coddles

3rd Mitchells’ Scottlyme Qkissagram For Avonfair (Imp Bel) NAF TAF. Third in Minor Puppy six month old sable and white another confident minor puppy. Head balanced, clean stop and correct eye shape and ear placement giving sweet expression, arched neck, good body shape, level topline, neat feet and hocks, moved well.

Res Lockyer’s Harvest Moon Della Buca Delle Fate At Gataj

VHC Davis’ Monsolana Have A Dream Rosschell (Imp Rus).


Class 15 Novice Bitch 7-0
1st Croziers’ Lasheen Trully Scrumptious

2nd Mitchells’ Scottlyme Qkissagram For Avonfair  (Imp Bel) NAF TAF

3rd Lockyer’s Harvest Moon Della Buca Delle Fate At Gataj. VHC in Minor Puppy. Six month old sable and white slightly longer overall make and shape, sweet expression, well made throughout. Sound mover. Competition was very strong in these puppy classes and they could change places at any time.

Res Davis’ Monsolana Have A Dream Rosschell (Imp Rus).

VHC Congdon’s Aaronwell Astral Dancer

Class 16 Graduate Bitch 10-1

1st Boyles Arklethill Helena. Nineteen month old sable and white, clean head with flat skull, neat ears, almond eye giving soft expression. Good neck well laid shoulders, good length of back giving lovely shape. Good upper arm and bend of stifle, correct tail set and carriage. Very sound and light on the move. Another very promising bitch with a bright future.

2nd Makepeace’s Donohill Magic and Sparkle At Lynaire (IKC). Two and a half year old sparkling blue merle, her colour is clear and well broken and beautifully presented. Has a lovely clean feminine well shaped head with a melting expression, neat ears, lovely overall balance and shape. Moved out well. Unlucky to meet very confidant number 1, her day will come.


3rd Congdon’s Aaronwell Aloe Vera

Res Davis’ Fridens Magic Moment For Rosschell Imp Rus

VHC Boyd and McGill’s Lynmack Edge of Glory at Stregato

Class 17 Post Graduate Bitch 10-3

1st Johnston’s Sea Dreamer’s Walking On Sunshine (Imp Nld). Twenty month old sable and white with good head pattern, almond eye, well filled foreface, neat well used ears, arched neck, good length of back giving correct height to ratio. Good bend of stifle and tight feet all giving outstanding profile. Moved well and showed continuously in strong competition today.

2nd McDevitt’s Caronlea Pixie Chick. Two year old sable and white I have judged before. Beautifully balanced giving quality and femininity. Good head plains with good ears and eye set giving sweet expression. Lovely arched neck, excellent lay of shoulder, level topline. Correct angulation fore and aft, which gave her sound movement. Just coming back into coat, like to see her in full bloom.

3rd Sibbald’s Telforth Little Mix.

Res Steven’s Cariadhaf Cookies And Cream

VHC Topham’s Seanchrois Extraordinary Blue Girl


Class 18 Limit Bitch 7-3

1st Hodges’ Jopium Love Heart JW ShCM. Two and a half year old sable and white in full bloom. Balanced wedge head, well defined underjaw, correct eye set and neat well positioned ears. Good front assembly giving good length and firm topline, which was kept on the move. Good angulation, good hocks, correct tail carriage giving lovely make and shape. Light and sound on the move. Unfortunate to meet CC winner but worthy Res. CC winner and with the agreement of my co-judge  Res. Best In Show.

2nd Melvin and Jopson’s Lillyway Lovin’ You at Nithview. Three year old lovely feminine tri. Correct head pattern. Nicely moulded foreface, parallel plains, correct stop, nice eye giving desired expression. Elegant  reach of neck, well laid shoulders, nicely balanced outline, correct tailset. Moved soundly, not in top condition today.

3rd Lockyer's Gataj Fairytail Surprise.

Res Sibbald’s Amalie Lymead Love Is Blue At Telforth.

Class 19 Open Bitch 9-3

1st Burrow’s Tiganlea Tinkerbell At Revdvicki. Four year old sable and white. I admired this bitch when I first saw her in Ireland last year. This year she has taken the Rough Collie World by storm. Pleasing head and expression, nice eye, correctly placed and set ears which she used continuously. Good reach of neck, correct shoulders and forechest completed the superb front assembly. Coat in excellent condition and presented well. Perfect tailset which she kept on the move. Correct front and rear movement with correct side gate. All these features provide sound movement and she never lets her handler down. Bitch CC Best In Show in agreement with my co-Judge.

2nd Humphrey’s Brilyns Guilty Pleasure Is Shasam. Five year old sable and white in full coat. Pleasing head, well moulded foreface and underjaw, correct stop. Dark eye and ears well used, giving nice expression. Lovely body shape, neat feet and hocks. Moved with drive and showed well.

3rd Congdon’s Monsolana Sunwish For Arronwell JW (Imp Rus).

Res Brooker’s Chantique Simply Dee For Corisian.

VHC Glory Way Cinderella For Monsolana At Roughrigg (Imp Rus).

Class 20 Veteran Bitch 3-0 A class of three lovely veterans, thank you for bringing them.

1st Sibbald’s Ch Lynmead Amalie Lucy Locket At Telforth. Seven and a half year old shaded sable and white. Very feminine, correct head pattern, well moulded foreface, flat skull, nice dark eye, sweet head and expression. Good reach of neck, liked her make and shape. Profuse coat and well presented. Moved out well today better than when she was younger. Pleased she went Best Veteran In Show with the agreement of my co-judge.

2nd Mitchell’s Avonfair Secret Attraction. Eight year old classy golden sable and white. Different type to 1. Clean head, beautifully moulded and balanced. Neat ears, dark eye, good topline, moved out well and pushed hard for first place.

3rd Watt’s Sachenda Showgirl At Culbrae.

Rough Collie Bitches: Judge Daphne Iley