All members of the Ayrshire Collie Club undertake to abide by its general Code of Ethics


      As a member of the Ayrshire Collie Club I will maintain the best possible standards of health and environment for my dogs, not keeping more than I can maintain and properly care for.  

      I will consider the welfare of my dogs at all times.

      All stock offered for sale by me will be clean, in good health and believed to be free from communicable disease. 

      If sold as a Stud dog then should be the proven sire of live puppies.

      I shall not breed from a bitch that is under 12 months of age or over 8 years of age. 

      I shall not breed from a bitch more than twice out of three successive seasons.

       I shall refuse Stud service to any bitch who is known to suffer a defect which in my opinion would render it unlikely to breed normal, healthy puppies.   Nor shall I use a Stud dog known to have these defects.

      I shall not knowingly sell puppies or stock to dealers, pet shops or other commercial sources or any other buyer when I have reason to believe that the dog will not be properly cared for.

      I will not allow puppies to go to new homes until they are 8 weeks of age and all puppies will be microchipped before leaving the breeder. I will supply the purchaser of puppy with a written pedigree, diet sheet and give information as to feeding, exercise, worming & grooming.

      I will not exhibit a bitch that is more than 4 weeks in whelp or is nursing puppies.

      I am prepared to love and care for any dog for all its life whilst in my ownership. 

      I will ensure that any dog in my care will receive any veterinary treatment it may require.

      As an exhibitor I will be courteous to all judges, stewards and other exhibitors at shows. I will accept judges awards in a sportsmanlike manner.

 Breach of these provisions may result in expulsion from club membership, and / or disciplinary action by the Kennel Club

and / or reporting to the relevant authorities for legal action, as appropriate.