Rough Dogs- Mr F Smith
Rough Bitches - Mrs C Scott
Smooth Collies (No CC's) - Mr B Woodstock
Best in Show - Ms L Maxwell

BCC/BOB/BIS Hana Of Lowlands Green Valley At Starlenga
BB/BOB/RBIS Ch Mightys Spring Meadow Gift for Shulune (Imp) (Smooth)
RBCC Mertrisa Dizzy Miss Lizzy At Scottrye
DCC Triburle Zachary JW
RDCC Danfrebek Dressed to Kill JW
BVIS Ch Derbypark Could it be Magic for Brihow
BPB/BPIB/BPIS Kourika Koconut Kream


Minor Puppy Dog (3,0)
1st Caronlea Celtic Love
2nd Barrenclough Moonglow
3rd Starlenga Streets Ahead at Nithview

Puppy Dog (6,0)
1st Corisian Irresistible BPD
2nd Shulune Mines a Double
3rd Barrenclough Moonglow
Res Erjon Energiser At Leeamanway
VHC Born To Be Your Pinot Noir

Junior Dog (5,0)
1st Chantique Loves To Boogie With Corisian 
2nd Lynmead Amalie Woodcutter For Ileyda 
3rd Rydeen Jamboree At Brihow
Res Erjon Energiser At Leeamanway

Maiden Dog (3,1)
1st Barrenclough Moonglow
2nd Lynmack Say You Will

Novice Dog (3,0)
1st Shulune Mine's A Double
2nd Barrenclough Moonglow 
3rd Lynmack Say You Will

Graduate Dog (3,0)
1st Kourika Black Jake
2nd Lynmack Say You Will
3rd Paridel Michelin Star

Post Graduate Dog
1st Triburle Zachary JW DCC
2nd Danfrebek Dressed To Kill JW RDCC
3rd Monsolana Bluestar For Aaronwell
Res Chantique Hot Toddy
VHC Roanburn Soul Singer For Levenbank

Limit Dog
1st Camanna Cotton Picker 
2nd Willowdene Double Or Quits At Wassail  
3rd Erjon Ebony Joker  
Res Jopium Heart And Soul JW Sh. CM
VHC Starlenga Dizzie Rascal

Open Dog (12,0)
1st Chantique Huggy Bear For Tiganlea JW  
2nd  Ir Ch Caronlea Lord Of The Dance
3rd Chelborn Decision
Res Rus. Ch Full Kiss De Cathyja Des Aaronwell 
VHC Ch Milas Dancing Solo

Veteran Dog (4,1)
1st Rus. Ch Garbh Gino Of Aaronwell    

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1)
1st Kourika Koconut Kream BPB/BPIB/BPIS
2nd Barrenclough Moon River
3rd Isn't she Lovely Des Beldones Via Aaronwell
Res Starlenga Street Dancer

Puppy Bitch (5,0)
1st Barrenclough Moon River
2nd Camanna Cottonpickerninny
3rd Isn't She Lovely Des Beldones via Aaronwell
Res Erjon El Diamonte At alauna
VHC Takhisis Lady Grace

Junior Bitch (8,0)
1st Hana of Lowlands Green Valley at Starlenga BCC
2nd Mertrisa Dissy Miss Lizzy at Scottrye RBCC
3rd Shanaburn Magical Kisses
Res Barrenclough Golden Gem
VHC Yenroc Fleur Di E'cosse

Maiden Bitch (4,1)
1st Dallinaire Touch The Sky
2nd Takhisis Lady Grace
3rd Starlenga Street Dancer

Novice Bitch (5,1)
1st Hana Of Lowlands Green Valley At Starlenga
2nd Barrenclough Moon River
3rd Dallinaire Touch The Sky
Res Takhisis Lady Grace

Graduate Bitch (9,1)
1st Starlenga Misterious Girl At Forrestwalk
2nd Samhaven Moet Chandon JW
3rd Monsolana Sunwish For Aaronwell
Res Designer Child For Danfrebek
VHC Eximer Lady In Black

Post Graduate Bitch (10,3)
1st Amalie Lynmead Honey Honey For Alanita 
2nd Paridel French Martini JW
3rd Dallinaire Touch The Sky
Res Barrenclough Golden Gem
VHC Meryctin Queen Of Diamonds

Limit Bitch (9,3)
1st Jopium Ice Ice Baby
2nd Caronlea Celtic By Design For Avonfair
3rd Shanaburn Raindrop Kisses
Res Antoc Dream A While
VHC Aldermeade Ceilieh Dancer At Mounthope

Open Bitch (9,4)
1st Danfrebek Love Child
2nd Drole Dedame Des Beldones
3rd Camanna Curious Caprice
Res Lomondvale Love Bug
VHC Yenroc French Toast

Veteran Bitch
1st Ch Derbypark Could it Be Magic for Brihow BVIS
2nd Ch Takhisis Lady Lucia
3rd Antoc Dream a While