19th March 2017
Open Show
Rough Collies - Mrs M Shipp
SAC Eleri Bluck

4th June 2017
Open Show
Rough Collies - Mrs Caroline Tipper
SAC Loraine Hannah

14th October 2017
Championship Show
Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs J Underdown
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs D Iley
Referee - Mrs J McIntyre




Rabbie Burns

Burns Cottage

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5 November, 2016


The Ayrshire Collie Club was established in 1958, in the 'Land o Burns' after the Ayrshire Agricultural Society decided to drop the dog section of the show. The aim of the club is to promote responsible dog ownership and supports all related activities within the showing breeding and rearing of pedigree Rough Collies inline with the Kennel Club published Breed Standard and Guidelines to help and encourage novice & hobby breeders.

The club organises three shows each year, two Open Shows (March & June) and a Championship Show and Social Evening in October.
We also organise Seminars & other fund raising events.


8th October 2016
Championship Show
Rough Collie Dogs - Mr D. Thomson (Lomondvale)  - Judges critique
Rough Collie Bitches - Mr J. Congdon (Aaronwell) - Judges critique
Referee - Mrs J McIntyre




Club Badge £2.50
Car Stickers £2
Please contact a member of the Committee,
or see us at a show

see our puppy guide HERE




New members always welcome
Annual Membership - Single £4 - Joint £5
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